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Overall activity was similar to what we’ve been seeing the past few days, a bullish lean with some earnings positioning & hedging creating a sloppy look/feel .. Bull sweepers do remain aggressive & it’s evident in the flow that the hedge funds are indeed scrambling into equities .. Just look at the activity in 3 names off Friday’s session .. MU BABA & late afternoon in FB into the bell to close out the week .. all 3 names were hit hard call-side & further evidence of fund positioning ahead of earnings .. Aside from block earnings protection, we saw some aggressive put-sweeper action in select names as well.. Not much but the few that did get hit definitely had some actionable momo, like CGC on thurs into Friday .. All in all, it was a decent week for intraday & tactical trading opportunities as aggressive call buying created solid upside momentum in the indices & individual names .. Next week we officially get earnings season up & running .. it will be very interesting to see the reactions, to both good & bad news, off numbers & guidance.. especially coming off this rally, you would thing there’d be some sell on the news out there .. Let’s talk more about that on the Sunday nite webinar ..

SENTIMENT creeped up a bit higher Friday but once again, still has room if they want more upside.. There’s a lot of interesting stuff to go over in the sentiment camp & a few key weekly indicators still need to update.. We’ll save it all for the Sunday webinar to discuss what to keep a close eye on & come up with a game plan for next week.. try & be there but don’t fret if you can’t, it will be recorded.. HAGW !!