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Overall activity once again had a really sloppy feel to it .. Underneath the mess today though, there wasn’t much of any notable action .. all the size out there seemed to be tied to earnings in individual names .. there were a few names to see some cheaper spec-sweeper activity, SEAS & X to name a couple .. SENTIMENT was pretty much a non-factor again today .. most short-term indicators hover above the neutral mark.. Looks like HEDGEFUNDS continue to climb back into equities .. it’s definitely something to keep an eye on, especially if there’s some event or trigger to set off some selling .. keep in mind, it’s when HF need to get out that creates an issue, not when they are getting in.. I spoke about this in yesterday’s “Takeaways” post, if you would like to review .. And I think that’s where we stand as a whole currently.. for now, let’s keep a close eye on our short-term sentiment indicators for possible overheat & remain tactical here .. you can just feel the public money getting more bullish by the day & there’s nothing much that’s all that exciting that I see out there .. especially on a risk-reward basis, thanks to earnings getting in the way there’s added risk everywhere.. so I still feel the spec-activity in individual names over the extreme short term is where to look for quick trade opps for now .. at least until we see some big names report their numbers & we can get a gauge on both the flow + price action post-earnings..