It’s pretty obvious to us now that the market has looked a bit different since bearish extreme sentiment entered the picture .. As we’ve discussed at length in recent weeks, the news (noise) has certainly got worse as this virus continues to spread yet we’ve rallied off the lows & trying our best to hang in there of late .. Not to make any excuses but I feel if this was more of a market issue we were battling rather than a health concern, we would likely see a lot more quality coming out of flow which would lead to better price action & more long opportunities .. Because this crash has this virus at the center of concern, it’s really difficult for anybody to stick their neck out in a big way .. Nobody has a clue of how this may play out .. Sure we likely get a handle on the spread of this virus this go around eventually but attempting to predict how people & the economy reacts from there, that’s up in the air & a real mystery .. A lot of damage has been done already economically but that’s in the rear view mirror & the FED has played a huge part of placing a band aid on that wound .. We’ll discuss this more on Sunday’s webinar but the bottom line is, we need be prudent & take a day by day approach to all of this .. There are little signs from flow or sharp hedgers that they’re getting excited about much here .. That certainly can change quickly & that’s why we need to stand ready with both our eyes open .. In the meantime stay tactical & if you see sharp paper flow into a name you like with time, start slowly into weakness .. And that’s exactly the read I’m getting from the current sweeper activity as well .. They’re picking a few spots but nowhere near any fireworks as of yet ..