Let me start off by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all of you incredible moms out there, hope you enjoy your day! We had another fascinating week in markets, a ton of fun for tactical traders as long as we stuck to our signals & game-plan by remaining bullish .. Understand that no matter how you were playing em this week, even the most conservative approach, you likely picked up the money, as long as you remained bullish off this last mini dip & didn’t cloud your judgement with noise/emotions .. You’ve heard me say it many times in the past, that’s what these signals are all about.. Solely focused on the long side, while completely removing that bearish bias out of the equation when our signals tell us to do such, can actually work wonders for your bottom line in this game .. You like being bearish, enjoy the short side, that’s your prerogative.. But when Sharpies are all in long, poisoning remains at bearish extreme & you’re still interested in placing your bets alongside the riff-raff,, you’re asking for trouble .. We finish this week with some heat out of short term tactical sentiment with the indices closing strong .. Intermediate term sentiment remains favorable & our Positioning readings remain even more bullish .. SHARPIES remain & add to their substantially long positions & the Riff-raff club still sits on the completely other side net short .. Even Sector Sentiment, believe it or not, has improved a bit week over week .. How? Well, outside of Friday’s rally, the participation in this most recent rip higher has been extremely thin in individual names .. Mostly software & “new economy” type plays saw most of the heat .. Many cyclical, industrial, small cap names still trade at decent spots with interesting set ups .. Even health care actually cooled off a bit more this week .. That opens the window for rotation & that’s exactly what we started to see to close out last week .. The biggest pain in the ass for us by far has been earnings season, extremely frustrating .. Not only has it made quite a few good looking bull bets less trustworthy but also the fact of earnings just simply getting in the way of quality set ups & not allowing us to let some decent winners run a bit further with sentiment on our side.. The good news is, as we head into a fresh week here, we should really start to see things clear up .. The list of post-earnings candidates capable of seeing action is now grew longer, with many key/big names already reported .. Sunday’s Playbook & Review on zoom is now closed to the public & is just for members only .. Now we can dig in a bit deeper & I can focus more time on any questions you might have .. Enjoy the rest of the day & I’ll see ya @ 6pm EST tonight!