Overall activity was mixed, leaned bullish .. There was definitely quite a few solid orders call-side amidst the slip of earnings positioning.. As expected, most of the activity did capture earnings dates but we continue to see “clean” spec-activity .. As we discussed, individual names are still the way to go here as far as looking for some outperformance & short-term momentum .. We can very easily see that trend continue as bullish sentiment builds & we enter the heart of earnings season.. As mentioned in last night’s note, keep a close eye on sweeper activity off the opening bell as it often will provide strong clues to which names players may position in aggressively for that session .. AMD was a terrific example of that Monday .. We also need to keep close watch for any sector rotation out there, especially in any post-earnings names .. We are getting close to the point where things may need to cool off a bit, especially in some select hot spots out there but there’s definitely a possibility that they rotate groups instead of a drawdown in the indices .. while some players attempt to get cute for a tactical “overbought” short, rotation into laggards would allow the indices to consolidate or go sideways to work off some heat & chop up some shorts, again .. just a heads up, looks like a good amount of Fed speak on Tuesday’s calendar ..