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Action packed expiration Friday, as expected, with the Chinese in town to try & nail down a trade truce .. Sweepers were aggressive rite out of the gate this morning into the gap higher in indices .. And as you are well aware, especially recently, just because the indices trade higher doesn’t mean sweepers are a lock to participate .. Today though, Squeeze-sweepers were fairly active across the board .. from rotation type cyclical plays to beaten up ipos & of course more activity in the red-hot AAPL .. Earnings are officially on the door step with the banks reporting next week & here is where things start to really count .. Both price action & flow off off earnings results will tell us a lot on how/where the pros may be looking to aggressively position into the 4th quarter .. Short-term sentiment got a bit frisky today but a nice end of the day “sell on the news” reaction helped keep things in check .. Some of our weekly indicators that have updated already look pretty good so far & that could give us the green light to stick with the “buy the short-term flush” playbook .. As we always do, we will go over it all on the Sunday webinar as well as a few names to keep an eye on for pre earnings squeezes & post earnings buying .. HAGW degenerates!