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World markets a bit mixed overnight, some light weakness out there for the most part .. Nothing major going on, just wanted to shoot out a quick update because it seems that last night’s webinar had recording issues .. Our playbook remains the same into this week, playing tactical & quick remains the best way to go .. We need some more time or weakness to soften IT sentiment for that to change with all the noise out there currently .. As far as swing positions, the best R/R there continues to be off bullish short-term sentiment signals for a play on a snap-back squeeze, exactly what we got just a week ago .. Last night, we spoke about utilizing the SQUEEZE-O-METER & TRADER SENTIMENT indicators as a compass for entries .. There’s gonna be a lot of noise out there this week with more earnings, the Fed & this f’n virus .. That is why the play book still calls for remaining quick but remember that Central Bank liquidity is the greater force at play here & barring an Armageddon type situation, try not to get too bearish yet cause dips will get bought in risk-on assets ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป