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Modern Flow Trading

“Be like water.”


“Be like Wiseguys.”



The professional forces that generate moves in today’s markets.
They’re probably on the other side of many of your losing trades.

It’s time to change that.

Here’s what you get:

The Wiseguys Revealed Video Course

Transform Wiseguy tactics into your source of alpha

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  • Flow Basics and Misperceptions
    • What is flow and where did it originate?
    • Why does flow trump all?
    • Understanding flow and the various participants in the market
    • Commonly used techniques for tracking and trading on flow
    • Misunderstandings and how NOT to trade flow
    • When aggressive flow becomes an indicator to take a trade
  • Using options order flow as a form of alpha generation
    • The Steamroom rundown
    • Defining trading setups with Wiseguy flow
    • What does it all mean? Strikes, executions, order size
    • Reinforcing your thesis of the trade with Wiseguy flow
  • Sweep flow discussion
    • What is a sweep?
    • How do these exchanges play a role in our markets and analysis?
    • What is an ISO order?
    • How do aggressive players hop into the market?
  • Opening vs closing orders
    • Open Interest basics
    • Smart money and rolling positions
  • Option sellers and catching reversals
    • Spread orders
    • Options liquidity
    • How to pick up a good read on liquidity and how to trade when liquidity is slim
  • Platform setup
    • Active trade platform setup
    • Swing trader platform setup
  • Order flow strategy discussion
    • Where are the big guys placing bets?
    • Is this flow an investment or a trade?
    • How to incorporate flow into swing trading and day trading
  • The Sentiment Read
    • Assesing the market condition with flow activity
    • How's the participation in ETF's by big players?
    • Price action after flow hits the tape
Bonus The Wall St. Jesus Commandments for Day Trading and Swing Trading

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  • Daily pre-market prep sessions
  • Twice weekly live, members-only market analysis and Q&A sessions with Wall St. Jesus and Anand Sanghvi aka “Lucci”
  • Audio and video broadcasts with live market analysis throughout the day
  • Side-by-side trading with professional equities, options, and futures traders
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FREE: Trading Psychology Crash Course

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Trading Psychology crash course

  • Challenging your fears, taking losses, and taking winners
  • Building your own trading style
  • Market psychology, earnings psychology, and anticipation psychology

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