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We reveal the footprints of the real market movers and shakers. By showing you things like…
Blocks Splits Sweeps Multi Sweeps
…we uncover what’s really causing the biggest moves.
Come see how the flow tells you everything you need to know.




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What do we do?

Our main focus is tracing order flow in the equity options universe.

We give you a proprietary, curated options filter tracking:

  1. Unusual options activity including abnormal volume, volatility, stock replacement, rolling action, and recent open interest.
  2. Sweepers™ – the hottest signal on the block. Sweepers show urgency by the most intelligent order routing mechanisms in the market, thus signaling the spark of momentum. Many attempt to copy our methods, but fail. It’s all about context.
  3. Context and Analysis: Raw data often doesn’t tell you much. We make it actionable by placing it into the larger picture of market dynamics and Wiseguy trading techniques.

Not to mention…

Daily 8 hour streaming broadcast with Wall St. Jesus covering strategy and flow.

Daily analysis of open interest changes and sentiment data.

A diverse community of new, experienced, and professional traders.

Twice a week market review and Q&A sessions live with Wall St. Jesus.

100s of hours of educational webinars on tape reading, options flow, prime setups, risk management, and much more.

…and real-time charting!

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